Tips for Playing the Opposite Sex

Someone on Google+ mentioned that he doesn't really know how to roleplay a woman. He usually just sticks with describing her appearance, and then isn't sure how to proceed from there to differentiate his female character from his male characters.

I don't shy away from roleplaying female characters. In a list of past characters, 6/26 are female. That doesn't mean I played them well, but I at least tried my best.

The poster's final question was this:

What techniques can I employ to make female NPC's actually feel like real women without resorting to douchy sexist stereotypes? 
What really made the follow-up conversation interesting to me is that it wasn't a talk about male and female stereotypes or gender roles (topics I abhor). There were some handy tips for his question.

So I ask here, do you have any tips for this gamer?


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