[WFRP 2e] Maximillian Interlude 2

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Vampire Hunter
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer

Tegort - Ogre bodyguard
Sir Ortolf Eiche - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind
Abelhardt Mullberger - Journeyman Apprentice

Italics indicate prose by the GM:

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To call the craft a barge would be both dishonest to anyone that saw it and an insult to the captain, the barge owner and your host. With an 80ft keel, the single masted craft is almost a floating inn. A decent kitchen that seems to have been sized for a Halfling and quarters for everyone to pair, save Tegort. But even Tegort, in his last adventure with you is afforded cover from rain and sun by the canvased deck.

Maximilian spends the day cooking/prepping another meal for the crew (and Tegort). A meal is never passed without a bellow and a compliment from Tegort on deck as he checks his girth (aided by Udrin's plate barely eaten). Tegort loosens a knot (in a strap passing for a belt) and exclaims, "If only there was a barrel of ale to sun with Herr Morningglory!"

The day draws to a close and a cool breeze presses the Kristena forward, welcomely forward, to the confluence of the River Delb and Tablec. Just north of this meeting is Delb's Ferry.

Talk of Delb's Ferry is excited as the wind will bring you early, maybe before sunset. The ferry inn is a well known and fortified respite on the River Delb from the Howling Hills. A waypoint to and from Suderberg and points north.

The afternoon wanes and Delb's Ferry appears off the starboard bow as the clouds, long pregnant with water, burst with rain. The sky darkened by the clouds and rain add to the welcoming warmth of the inn at the end of the pier.

Everyone is soon soaked running for the inn.

Maximillian is happy to be somewhere that has their own chef. He wants to check the place out, and assumes Ludovic might want to join him. "This will be a good night for Ludovic to practice with that mandolin! These people need to hear a story or two about heroes."

Each of you are quickly soaked by the heavy rain dashing toward the Delb's Ferry heavy timber walls. A lantern waves over the wall and a shout can be heard over the din of the rain. The late afternoon has quickly darkened by the clouds and is briefly lit by lightning and then immediate thunder.

The eight-foot high gate swings wide to let you in and you are visually inspected by the heavyset guards and receive a grunt and a nod to continue. Ahead three men hold a lantern over a pit in the courtyard . They are laughing as one relieves himself over the pit:

"Me hopes it doesn't drown!" 
"Ha! I think it likes tak'n a bath"

As you approach the front door, boots, robes, cloaks, and leggings, soaked and now splashed with mud from the dash, the three men fall silent, looking each of you over.

Maximillian tips his hood, "Gentlemen."

Inside he removes his soaked cloak. "Rooms, sir, and accommodations for an ogre."

As Maximilian dashes in, Udrin and Ludovich pass by the men as they turn to the sounds of splashing behind them. Tegort's heavy footfalls are punctuated by splashes. He ignores the guards, each looking up at him, and equally pays little attention to the three ruffs over oubliette and moves to the front door and stands under the eve.

Behind Tegort, Sir Eiche and Mullberger dash toward the door.

Inside a large fire burns in the hearth, warming each of you as enter. There are nine others in the bar room. Four men sit together at a table near the fire. A woman stands over them putting cups on the table with a loaf of bread.

The innkeeper and a barback stand behind the bar. A solitary woman sits at the bar and stands as all of you finally enter. Rain and mud form puddles at your feet. A single man in riding boots sits at a table where tankards for three others sit with scraps of a meal on plates. He watches all of you.

"Ah... Ogre? Here... ah... yes, the stables. Few horses through here. The stables will have to do. They don't eat horses do they?"

He barely has a moment to wait for your answer before Mullberger interrupts. "No, they don't eat horses, woodsman. My master requires accommodations, as we all do. However, I must ask that the best and first be provided to Sir Ortolf Eiche, Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind, Professor of Antiquities of the Celestial College, First Adviser to Baron Valken of Reikland."

Sir Eiche is looking about the room, surveying each of the occupants briefly.

"We have no... more... rooms to let...m'lord. The road wardens outside took the last."

A solitary woman stands at the bar, pushing a plate and a tankard away. "They can have my room. I ride for Altdorf tonight. Ready the ferryman keeper, I'll fetch my horse." Coins are pressed to the bar and pushed toward the barback.

The woman stands and passes by Maximilian. Maximilian gets an unwelcome feeling from her and steps away from her to be certain as not to be in her way.

"There... is one room m'lord. I'll have it freshened immediately."

Maximillian is taken aback, "I don't recall 'best and first' rooms going to Ike as part of the deal."
Maximillian eyes the lady as she leaves the room, always wary of people who would ride alone at night.

Mullberger turns to Maximilian and offers a perfunctory apology then simply states, "Sir Eiche is your sponsor and your elder, allow him this luxury."

The woman exits the barroom without a further word and into the rain pulling a hood over her head.

The four men, dressed in pitch black robes, jerkins and boots, having been served by the maid, survey each of you. One finally calls to Ludovic.

"Hymnody! Do you play that mandolin? Sing us a song of the undead being reclaimed by Morr. For a shilling of course." The speaker slams a shilling on the table.

Udrin whispers to anyone paying attention, "Morrians."

Outside cat calls can be heard over the din of the rain on the roof and through the still cracked door. The lone rider in boots stands, disgust on his face as much as frustration, walks over to the door, hesitates on his exit, looking up at the unseen Tegort still under the eave and out of the rain. He exits quickly after assessing no immediate danger.

Ludovic replies, "Alas friends... I'm out of strings to play you a song tonight, but I'll gladly tell you a tale! But not about Morr tonight. Tonight is a night to warm yourselves with tales of glory!' Ludovic then proceeds to make something up about the Tibalt, Paragon of Paravon, Hero of Helmgart, who along with his trusty sidekick Mordrin slayed 3 dragons and was personally thanked by the Emperor.

During Ludovic's tale, the four road wardens, sodden to varied degrees, re-enter, tracking in mud and water. Maximilian, bringing Tegort a stein of ale and salted ham hock, allows them to pass at the door, but overhears the road warden sergeant say, "...foolish girl. She saw the creature in the pit. There are certain to be more in the woods this night!"

At the table, the sergeant quiets them to hear the tale of Tibalt.

The Morrians seem quite entertained by the tale of Tibalt as well as the bar maid.

Maximillian gets Tegort's attention and whispers, "Keep an ear out in case I need you." He then slips out the front door to check out what was in the pit. He almost checked it out on the way in but was turned off by urinating humans.

The rain continues unabated.

Outside, Maximilian pulls his tattered cloak over his head and heads to the oubliette. Max is taken aback by what he sees in the fading evening light (darkened by the clouds and blurred by the rain). A tentacle uncurls from the steel bars that serve as the roof. A regular hand grips the bar next to the rain slick and shiny appendage. In the blackness of the pit muddy rain water pours and a splash follows the hand and tentacle releasing the bars.

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