Favorite Non-TSR Adventure/Module

I love it when other people's blogs ask questions that make for good blog posts here.

This is the kind of question that should have been coordinated on about 100 blogs all in the same day, with each blog answering even as they asked the question.

Erik Tenkar asks, "What is Your Favorite Non-TSR Module / Adventure (any system)?"

My answer is The Oldenhaller Contract for WFRP.

Why: I have run it many times, both for friends and at conventions. It plays out differently each time, which makes it fun. Also, I have come up with a couple ways to tweak/expand it to make it fresh for me or those who have played before.

If I wasn't such a procrastinator I'd have the maps and pictures loaded into Roll20...

Now, if you are reading and are so good as to answer, what is your favorite non-TSR module/adventure and why?

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