Escape from the Zoo

I had this crazy idea for a game as I drove by the zoo the other day:

Players take on the roles of animals who have escaped from the zoo. They need to remain free, hiding from or taking out humans when necessary.

Sounds like a decent premise. I just see everyone playing lions and tigers and bears and snakes, with nobody playing penguins.

Maybe the penguins don't escape.


Biz said…
poor little penguins... I'd play one of them, or maybe a Goat, yeah I'd play the Goat!
Roger said…
Goats ramming things would be great!
DOHTIG said…
You have not seen Madagascar then, Penquins are the secret agents of the zoo world!
DOHTIG said…
FYI, this post reminded me of Madagascar immediately. . . hence making it a really appealing play.
Roger said…
I have seen Madagascar. I guess the game could be more cartoony

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