[WFRP 3e] Eye for an Eye Part 3

Continued from the Journal of Tor'endirathelevellon to His Lady Ariel, Queen of the Elves of the Wood

We continued our exploration into the forge. The fire had died, and the place was completely unused since the dwarf had been injured. Hidden in a corner was an elaborate carrying case which looked to have been forced open. Inside was the imprint of the injured dwarf's warhammer. We were unable to ascertain whether Sister Sonja forced the case open to retrieve the hammer at the dwarf's request or if the case was forced open by others upon the grounds who had been looking for it.

After the forge, we looked around the garden shed. It was here that I found an herbal patch with disturbing vegetation. One root I found is used for easing symptoms of the Black Plague. Another is  used to clot blood. But a third root is a soporific poison used to dull the senses of those who ingest it. The root causes some dizziness and drowsiness as well. The smell of the root brought me back to the odor I noticed when I first met the doctor. He had obviously been working with this herb! At that moment I noticed a dizziness upon myself, and I realized the doctor had likely drugged the healing draught he gave me. Before I lost my senses completely, I related my findings to the dwarf, including the fact that I had been drugged.

The events I relate from here on should be read with the understanding that my mind was fogged and I was feeling not at all myself. I had trouble coming to conclusions with facts I observed and wasn't completely sure I would be able to defend myself if there was danger on site. Here again I posit that my friendship with the dwarf Stedd was key to my survival.

We went back to visit Sister Sonja, as she was the only healer type human on the grounds that we thought we could trust. In the shrine, the gardener was making threatening overtures toward the priestess. His speech and actions were very impassioned for one who was currently very lax at his job. The grass and weeds of the grounds threatened to overrun the place.

Stedd broke up the confrontation before I could think of anything helpful to say. The priestess could not help with my condition and merely suggested I let the drug run its course. 

From the shrine we went to explore the stables. There was a stableboy inside who was also very lax at his job, considering the condition of the place. At one point the boy dropped a note out of his pocket. Stedd cuffed him and sent him running for such a horrible job he was doing in the stables. After that the dwarf was able to pick up the note. On it was written only "goose is good." The note would have been cryptic had we not recently been asked if we wanted venison or goose for dinner. Apparently someone was going to tamper with tonight's meal...and I had requested the venison.

From the stables we heard voices arguing in the adjoined coach house. I quietly situated myself into better listening range and overheard two men arguing about a blunderbuss. One was accusing the other of misappropriating it.

Stedd went into the coach house under the guise of forgetting something in the coach. The men started at him with hostility, but they did not come to violence. Stedd eyed them on the way out, even as they eyed him. The dwarf added these coachmen to the list of possibly hostile humans. Before we could spy on their disagreement any more, everyone was summoned for dinner.


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