WarHammer Wednesday: The South Land Crater

I've talked a few times about using the Spears of the Dawn rulebook to populate the South Lands in the Warhammer world. Another idea popped randomly into my head yesterday, and I thought I'd  add it as well.

The city of Talabheim is constructed in the middle of a large crater.  It is the only location I have heard situated like this. The South Lands are far enough away to be completely separate from the rest of the Old World. It would be neat to add a crater city there, too.

The map shows plenty of unused space to the east. I think I'll plop a crater there, build up an ancient city inside using the Spears of the Dawn maps and building guides, and decide what horrible (serpent?) creature currently populates the crater.


Roger said…
I just measured, and if Talabhiem is approximately 50 miles across as the map in the 1e book shows, then that would be around a hex and a half diameter for the same size crater on the Spears map. That's huge!
Anthony Emmel said…
Nice catch on that fact about a crater city. And nice idea. And a crater should be huge. Otherwise, it's just s hole in the ground. :)
Roger said…
I might have to do something about the potential warpstone presence or residue...

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