[WFRP 3e] Character Profiles: Torendir

Torendir* is a wood elf Waywatcher from Athel Loren.  He was sent out into the Empire by the wood elf queen to better get to know the humans and the human civilization. The underlying purpose for this quest is to gain a better understanding of this prolific race that battles constantly against the forces of Chaos. There may come a time in the future when such knowledge, and any alliances made during this time, could be extremely useful.

He has spent most of his life to this point patrolling the periphery of the forest. His days are spent tracking intruders, and then warning them off (or killing them) with his bow. He is also a keen observer of the world around him.

What he's not particularly good at is social interaction, with only a basic knowledge of Reikspiel. His communication with others in the forest is made up of very few words which accent the hand gestures used for communication of tactical information.

Age: 67  Weight: 115  Height: 5'3"  Sex: M   Hair: Brown  Eyes: Green Rank: 1

S 3 T 3 Ag 4 Int 3 WP 4 Fel 3

Weapons: Elf Longbow, dagger

Armor: None

Skills: Athletics, Ballistic Skill, Coordination, Stealth, Observation

Specializations: Bow, Tracking

Special Abilities: Forest Walk, Nature Bond, Orion's Favoured, Night Vision

Talents: Catlike Reflexes, I Seem to Recall...

Action Cards: Assess the Situation, Block, Dodge, Guarded Position, Melee Attack, Parry, Perform a Stunt, Ranged Shot, Called Shot, Nimble Strike, Rapid Fire

*Torendir is short for Tor'endirathelevellon

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