[D&D 2e] Character Profile: Ravas Eltunarch

Ravas is human priest of Lathander. However, he was not always a priest of Lathander. He began his career as a priest of Ilbrandul...but things change.

Along his journies, Ravas came upon a Phoenix Ring. When his travels ended in violent death, the ring caused him to burst into flames and be reborn.

The rebirth unhinged his mind, and he felt he could no longer serve Ilbrandul. That is when Lathander, of the rebirth, lord of the morning, spoke to him. Since that time, Ravas has followed Lathander faithfully.
Age: 39  Weight: 151  Height: 5'3"  Sex: M   Hair: Brown  Eyes: Blue Level: 16

Str 11 Stamina 13  Muscle 9
Dex 12  Aim 12  Balance 12
Con 16  Health 16  Fitness 16
Int 17 Knowledge 17  Reason 17
Wis 18 Intuition 18 Willpower 18
Cha 13 Leadership 15 Appearance 11

Weapon: Morningstar

Armor: Full plate, medium shield

Optional (Skills & Powers)
Racial Abilities: XP Bonus, HP bonus (2/level)
Traits: None
Disadvantages: Moderate Phobia: Snakes
Class Abilities: Fire/Electric resistance (+2 to ST), Casting time reduction (25%), d12 HP, Turn undead
Kit abilities: Light 3/day, Faerie Fire 1/day, Sunrise 1/day, Boon of Lathander 1/day, False Dawn 1/day
Spell Spheres: Major: All, Astral, Creation, Healing, Necro, Thought, Sun, Wards. Minor: Time
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Ancient history, Healing, Herbalism, Local history, Read/Write, Spellcraft, Etiquette, Fire building, Modern Language, Riding-Land based, Swimming, Cryptography, Ceremony, Diplomacy, Undead Lore, Eminence, Divine Will, Diving Voice, Detect deception, Appraising, Musical Instrument-Flute.

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