[Cascade Failure] Cold Mine

When this mine is activated, a brief stasis field effect freezes the victim in place. While the victim is held, a needle rises from the center of the mine and pierces the victim's foot. This needle will go through a leather boot or other normal footwear quite easily. If the victim is wearing metal boots, the following effects happen to the metal instead of the foot.

The needle pokes into the foot, and the cryogenic contents of the 6 outside tubes of the mine are injected. This cryogenics freezes the victim's foot and lower leg, all the way to just below the knee. The physiology of the victim is completely frozen, from the outer layer of the dermis to the innermost bone.

Freezing leaves the leg susceptible to cracking, breaking, or shattering. It is also extremely uncomfortable at the location where healthy tissue meets frozen tissue. Movement rates are effected, as is gait, as effected characters can no longer bend their ankle or toes. The purpose of this mine is to slow down and disable an adversaries as opposed to killing them.

Since the tissue was 'flash-frozen,' so to speak, there is better chance that a Medic can save the limb. This would be considered Long Term Medical Care, with treatment by direct and indirect warming of the limb. If all else fails, the Medic may have to rely on their Cybernetics training.


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