I have this. I have this bad. Yesterday I bought 6 individual Knights of the Dinner Table comics that I have already read as part of a compilation, just so I could have them. Then I bought Serenity Shepherd's Tale graphic novel because I don't have that, and I bought a Get Fuzzy book I don't have that the bookstore doesn't have either. Then I stopped at a used bookstore and bought two paperbacks I don't really need because the pile of books in my nightstand is already overflowing.

It was a good day.


JasonZavoda said…
Nothing wrong with using books as furniture till you can read them, or reread them.
DOHTIG said…
That is a good day!
Biz said…
I love swinging through the used book store here in Bangor and looking through everything hanging around.
Biz said…
I have to say I've never been down to Pro Libris... I think I have an adventure set out before me now.

Is it safe to say you would recomend it?
Roger said…
For a used book store? Absolutely. The only thing I find is that they will only have one book out of a series, and not always the first one. It's great for unexpected finds.

What used book store were you talking about?
Biz said…
I had been refering to BookMarcs on Harlow and that place on Central St. I haven't been to either in a quite some time though. I'm going to stop into Pro Libris after work today I think.
Roger said…
Lippencott's on Central St has been out of business for a couple years now.

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