[WFRP 1e] Monster: Tiger Squirrel

Tiger Squirrel

M 5 WS 41 BS 0 S 1 T 1 W 5 I 40 A 1 Dex 12 Ld 10 Int 10 Cl 15 WP 10 Fel 0

Tiger squirrels are vicious, fearless cousins of regular squirrels. They live in wooded areas and prey mainly on small rodents or birds. They can also supplement this diet with nuts and acorns. They are deceptively fast. They can jump up to 6 yards from tree to tree, with a drop of 1 yard. They can climb sheer surfaces easily.

Tiger squirrels have little to do with humanoids, except when they are used as familiars or animal companions. Also, beware of the giant variety of this creature.

Alignment: Neutral

Special Rules: The bite of a tiger squirrel has a 15% chance of causing infected wounds via the bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes

Psychological Traits: Immune to Fear tests.


Mystic Scholar said…
Preying upon normal squirrels as well, I would assume? LOL

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