Magic Item: Bracers of Warrior Strength

PC: These bracers are found, far from the rest of the armor they belonged with. They are of steel, with blackened ridges along the edges. Alternately, there may be a small spike in the center of the bracers, if the GM desires. Relatively weak-looking leather straps hold them on.

When donning the bracers, the character immediately feels stronger.  Their clothing/armor may fit a bit tighter. It is a good feeling, leaving the wearer with no desire to take the bracers off.

GM: These are Bracers of Chaos Warrior Strength. They increase the strength of the character wearing them by +1, up to a max of 5 S. Ever so slowly, Chaos will start working on the character's mind. It will be subtle, and not necessarily noticeable by others in the party. The GM can lead the character during ethically grey areas, "You are sure it wouldn't be that bad to do--."

The bracers send chaos "feelers" out into the wearer's forearm. Soon they are magically linked to the character and can't come off normally (or at least without a combined S roll of 10), hence the weak-looking straps. Taking the bracers off in this forceful fashion causes much psychic pain. The character must make a WP check or suffer the results of a S10 bludgeoning wound to his arms. This is temporary damage with does not actually hurt the physiology. Standard healing rates apply until the feeling goes away.

The bracers can be removed more easily by magic, with the equivalence of a Dispel Magic cast.

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