Magic Item: Bracers of Daemon Strength

PC: These bracers are found, far from the rest of the armor they belonged with. They are dark red and in good condition. Alternately, there may be a small spike in the center of the bracers, if the GM desires. Relatively weak-looking black straps hold them on.

When donning the bracers, the character immediately feels stronger, almost indomitable.   Their clothing/armor may fits tighter and is definitely lighter. It is a good feeling, leaving the wearer with no desire to take the bracers off...possibly ever.

GM: These are Bracers of Daemon Strength. They increase the strength of the character wearing them by +2, up to a max of 9 S. Immediately after the character is used to the bracers and has fallen in love with them (so to speak), the chaos effect will kick in. Roll on the Warrior of Chaos Mutation table (WFRP pg 230). This mutation will slowly begin. The character will also begin to act in a way which represents one of the chaos gods. Choose one that fits the tone of your game.

The bracers slowly meld into the wearer's forearm. Soon they are magically linked to the character and can't come off normally, hence the weak-looking straps. A Dispel Magic type spell will not be powerful enough to take the bracers off. You will have to decide what, if anything, will precipitate their removal.

Identify Magical Artifact Besides sensing powerful magic, characters with this skill can identify chaos and will probably warn others to never, ever put these bracers on.

Magical Sense These bracers give off a highly magical impression to wizards using this skill.

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