[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 5

Last night we played my third sitting of our biweekly WarHammer game. I think the other players have had 5 sittings, but I joined late. We had more good laughs and character interaction.

Mordrin Skorkinson, Troll Slayer. All I really know about him is his name, his weapon, and his job. He started last night where we left off last game...with no clothing and a fungal infection. Also, he wields an Orc "choppa" he picked up off a dead body (pretty much just a large cleaver).

My companions:
A Brettonian Knight
An Elf Student
A Dwarf Priestess NPC

Encounters and dressing
The sitting was just one (relatively) large night battle with an assortment of evil creatures who followed us down the mountain. There was a large orc "boss," his three goblin underlings, and a hobgoblin. The elf also thinks he saw a dark elf and a chaos dwarf. Since I didn't see them, I'm skeptical.

The elf made a pincushion of the orc boss, almost killing him before we even entered melee.

The orc boss started battle by getting aggressive against his underlings and beheading one of them. He muttered something that I think might have roughly translated to "the beatings will continue until morale improves."

The knight softened a goblin up, and I split it's skull. I softened the hobgoblin up with 19 points of damage rolled in one hit (Ulric's Fury), and the knight took it out.

I got a new weapon, one of the hobgoblin's swords. It is lighter than my Choppa, and I assume better balanced.

We let the priestess flee down the mountain before the fight began, so she could try to return our precious cargo to the town we're trying to save. I don't think it helped. There's an orange glow from the area where the town should be, and the air reeks of smoke.

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