[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 4

Thursday night I was again able to play in a WarHammer Google+ Hangout game. This is significant for me, as WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay is my game of choice. It was the second sitting I've been able to join (and probably last...for a while due to the school semester starting back up). Here's a link to the first session recap. I waited much longer than usual to get my notes down. We had a lot of good laughs and wonderful character interaction. Let's see what I remember:

I haven't written too much of a background to date, but I am playing a Troll Slayer. Sufficed to say, all I really felt I needed to know going in was my name, what weapon I could put in my hand, and where the nearest monster was. He had a modicum of clothing and wields an Orc "choppa" he picked up off a dead body (pretty much just a large cleaver).

My companions:
A Brettonian Knight
An Elf Student
A Dwarf Priestess NPC

Encounters and dungeon dressing
  • We found a temple of the dwarf goddess Valaya. The statue of Valaya had been desecrated and patched up to resemble the Father of Darkness, a chaos dwarf god, Hashut.
  • The library was seeded with pods containing the spore of a fungus called Kruts. Both the dwarves were infected and ended up scratching when they should have been hacking.
  • The party elf interrupted what I was doing to tell me about one single solitary goblin he noticed. The ensuing fight was a bloodbath hardly worth my time.
  • We found the book we were looking for, and left the ruins. The hike down gave me plenty of time to convince the Elf to become my chronicler/rememberer. For those not in the know, the rememberer follows the dwarf slayer around to chronicle the dwarf's epic doom. 
  • The book we were looking for was about herbs and healing. The Elf used the book, with the help of the priestess, to try to find some relief for the itching of the Kruts. We ended up burning our clothes and rubbing our rash with a paste he made. At that point we had two naked dwarfs with rashes and paste rubbed all over their bodies.
  • Morrslieb, the chaos moon, animated an eviscerated human body, which (literally) dragged its innards out of a building to attack us. Its punch had all the force of using a baby seal as a club.
  • We had to light on fire the building the zombie came out of because there were more of its kind inside. I got as close as I could to the building for as long as I could to try to burn off the fungus (sounds rational, right?). Now we have a naked dwarf with a rash, dried,flaking paste, and steaming/singed hair (front and back).


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