Character Profiles: Pete "The Tough One"

Tunnels & Trolls

Pete has total biographical amnesia, and does not know who he is, where he is, how he got there, etc. He is dressed in sturdy garments and leather boots, all of which appears to be well-fitting but of standard issue, and never worn before. Even the boot soles show no signs of wear whatsoever. He has two large belt pouches and a backpack, also of good workmanship and with no identifying insignia at all. Other gear consists of:
  1. A one-gallon waterskin, full. 
  2. Fourteen days of rations, in the form of flavored protein cubes about two inches on a side. They come in a variety of flavors, which the players are free to define for themselves. 
  3. Three chemical glow-sticks, fairly large and high-powered. Each will produce light equivalent to a lantern or a little better, and were rated to last six hours. 
  4. 1 magnesium road flare. 
  5. And one special bonus item, a lockpick set. 
  6. Armor: Target shield (4AP) and Steel Cap (1AP) 
  7. Weapon: Spear (3d6+1) 
  • Str: 10 
  • Con: 19 
  • Dex: 9 
  • Speed: 13 
  • Int: 16 
  • Wizardry: 14 
  • Luck: 7 
  • Cha: 14 
  • Personal adds: +1 (speed) 
  • Combat: 3d6+3 damage 
  • Armor: 6 points 
  • Spells: Take That You Fiend!, Mask, Nonsanguination

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