Plundered Vaults

I picked up a copy of this book while at SnowCon, which is fortuitous because I've been looking for WarHammer adventures to run at PortCon.

There are some great adventures inside (6 in all). They range from first-career adventures to end-of-first-career adventures to second-career adventures.  You could conceivably start new characters and run only these adventures for them for many, many months. This is the only problem with using the book for a convention.

Some of the adventures could be condensed into four hour time slots, but most of them would suffer from being restricted so. One of the adventures alone promises many sittings worth of adventure.

Therefore, while I definitely like my purchase, and I would recommend it to others looking for adventures for their 1e or 2e WarHammer groups, I can't use it the way I would like at PortCon.

I'm still looking for suggestions if anyone wants to help me out.

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