My Halfling Adventures (WFRP 2e)

I don't think I ever shared my notes from a game I played at PortCon last year. I played a Halfling, whose name I don't have in my notes.

My Party

  • Madeline the barbarian
  • Sulka the Slayer (who I treated as my pet)
  • Sir Applewood the Elf
Halfling's Notable Actions

  • Added chamomile to the Slayer's beer at night to help the Slayer sleep.
  • The Slayer was missing a tooth, so my character whittled one. He then painted the tooth red to match the Slayer's Mohawk.
  • Occasionally patted the Slayer, calling her "Good dwarf."
  • We were honored pall-bearers at a funeral, so I just grabbed a handle and dangled off the coffin while the others carried it.
  • Shot a wyvern with a crossbow, pointed to the dwarf, and said, "She did it!"
  • The dwarf tossed my halfling over her shoulder at one point for an expeditious retreat. The DM asked if I was going to allow that. I said, "Sure. And I search through her backpack while I'm up there." I didn't find anything but troll heads.

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