The Oldenhaller Contract on

I've had a couple experiences now playing games via Google Hangouts and What I like about the system is that you can pre-load your maps and set up a fog of war. You also assign each character a token, along with each NPC/monster. You can also set up tables and the like in rooms.

Since the WarHammer adventure I'm most familiar with is The Oldenhaller Contract right from the back of the 1st edition book, I've been thinking about loading the maps and getting a group together. What's good about this adventure is that you can complete it in a sitting or two. There doesn't have to be any long term commitment from the players. I think it would be great practice getting me used to running Hangout games instead of just playing them, and also great practice using the software.

I wouldn't expect to be ready to go before next summer, due to school, but it's exciting to think about. If you want to leave any tips, feel free.


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