Tunnels & Trolls Session 1 Recap

Every-other Saturday I play with a group on Google+. We have been playing in Dwimmermount, but sometimes, for various reasons, that game doesn't happen. We thought we'd have a backup game ready. Another player wanted to run T&T. Here's a write-up from the first session.

Our PCs don't have names. They awoke with some amnesia and one PC refused to take a made-up name, so we all go by "The Strong One," "The Smart One," or "The Tough One." I'm the tough one.

Encounters and dungeon dressing
  • We awoke in a chamber with large air, fire, water, earth murals. So far that doesn't mean anything to us.
  • We fought some skeletons that were following us and more that were held in a large broom/restocking closet. I gave them the chance to surrender, but they didn't seem interested.
  • We fought little wooden posing mannequins, but all I could picture in my head was Little Wooden Boy from The Tick cartoon (pictured below).
  • We are exploring tunnels below the chamber we awoke in. So far there are textiles and stored, preserved food. We haven't found the ice cream.
  • The party works pretty well for 3 characters without names. We just make arbitrary decisions, explore, and fight for our lives. The usual.
  • The GM wrote a great write-up here.

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