May 9th, 2009: Black Pass Skullstompas at Hobbly's Heroes

Well, Blood Bowl fans, it has taken me a long time to return to report on this game. You wouldn't believe the chaos-ridden lands I had to traverse to cover this matchup.

Twenty two thousand bloodthirsty fans were in attendance on this perfect day for football.

First Half:

On the very first kickoff, a crazy fan threw a rock and stunned Varg Facepuller of the Skullstompas.

Turn 1: Brakk Badgerbreath (H) gets a casualty on Rok Ogrebiter (S). It seems Brakk was doing the biting this time as Rok received a groin strain which will force him to miss his next game.

Also, Paris the Sassy (H) got a casualty on Don Ratgnawer (S). Don was out for the game, but will suffer no long term effects.

Turn 5: Ort Groinsmasher of the Skullstompas scored the first touchdown!

Turn 6: Jorje Farmer (H) took the kickoff and completed a pass to Frederick Trapper (H).

Turn 7: Frederick Trapper (H) tied the game, scoring a touchdown!

Second Half:

Turn 1: York Surestrike (H) gets a casualty on Vik Ogretripper (S). Vik, too, strained his groin, and will miss the next game.

Turn 2: Grendle Ironbar (H) gets a casualty on Varg Facepuller (S). Varg was out for the game, but will suffer no long term effects.

Also, Jorje Farmer (H) threw another completion to Frederick Trapper (H).

Turn 3: Frederick Trapper pulls Hobbly ahead with his second touchdown!

Turn 6: Lewis Foolsgold (H) gets a casualty on Ort Groinsmasher (S), killing the Orc Blitzer. Today was just not a good day for groins on the gridiron.

Turn 7: Paris the Sassy (H) finally managed to pick the ball up off the ground and threw a completion to Joe Ratcatcher (H).

Also, Joe Ratcatcher ran the completion in for Hobbly's third touchdown of the day!

All groins aside, this was a beautiful, bloody game, making fans everywhere proud of their Hobbly and Skullstompa heroes. This is Johann the Mad reporting.

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