April 18th, 2009: Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers at Tzeetch's Bloodhawks

Again, this was another perfect day for BloodBowl. 3,000 fans showed up to watch the Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers, while 5,000 fans showed up to watch Tzeetch's Bloodhawks, bringing the total gate to only 8,000. Rumor has it that most BloodBowl fans were at the game between the Ragers and the Warplocks.

First Half
Turn 1: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Rolok Horsemauler (R).

Turn 2: Fing Ghoulthrottler (R) killed Skreetch Beastman (B).

Turn 3: Volni Headpuncher (R) was Badly Hurt by a Bloodhawk Journeyman while attempting to make a block. This was a casualty for the Journeyman.

Turn 4: Nazguul Pipstompper (R) injured his back while trying to make a block. This looks like it will be a Niggling Injury for Nazguul and he will have to miss the next game.

Turn 5: Marin Mansmasher (R) KO'd Maynard Beastman (B).

Turn 6: The Bloodhawk minotaur Ratsmasher (B) badly hurt Rolok Horsemauler (R). This was a casualty for Ratsmasher, but Rolok should be back for the next game.

Turn 8: Grog Bolchukker (R) KO'd Gnasher Beastman (B).

Second Half
Turn 1: Kerin Knifechewer (R) killed the Chaos Warrior Rothgnar (B).

Turn 2: Ledsh Lonewolf (R) smashed the hand of I'kilyu Beastman (B). This is a casualty for Ledsh and I'Kilyu will have to miss the next game.

Turn 6: Grog Bolchukker scores a touchdown!

The game was a violent one, and a slow one. The Ribsmashers had the ball most of the game, but just couldn't seem to get anywhere on the field until the Bloodhawks were worn down in the second half.

This is Johann the Madd reporting.


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