June 6th, 2009: Khorne's Bloody Ragers at Hell's Pit Warplocks

A brave 16,000 fans trudged through the horrible blizzard to watch the exciting game on this day!

First Half:

Turn 3: Grint Sewersprint (W) scored the first TD!

Turn 6: Beastlord Gruff (R) got a casualty on Ditz Long-whiskers (W). Ditz was out for the rest of the game only.

Turn 7: Bleet (R) scored a TD!

And the first half ended in a riot. Fans will find any way they can to warm up in a blizzard...

Second Half:

Turn 2: Mukk (R) got a casualty on Skitter Trip-trip (W). Skitter was only out for the rest of the game.

Turn 4: Mukk (R) got a TD!

Turn 5: Naz the Skulker (W) got a TD!

A longer riot ended the second half.


Turn 1: Snatz One-Eye (W) completed a pass to Naz the Skulker (W).

Murtz (W) got a casualty on Beastlord Gruff (R), fracturing the beastman's arm and causing him to miss the next game.

Turn 2: Blud the Merciless (R) got a casualty on Reeluz Musksquirter (W). The skaven only missed the rest of the game.

Turn 3: Naz the Skulker scored the game winning touchdown!

From some cold Skaven pitch, this is Johan the Mad reporting.

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