May 30th, 2009: Blitz of Styx at Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers

Twenty three thousand fans showed up for this game with the undead taking on the orcs. And rowdy the fans were. The first three turns were nothing but a riot. Once the crowd calmed down, we were able to start at turn 4.

First Half:

Turn 4: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Rolok Horsemauler (R)

Turn 8: Rolok Horsemauler (R) scored the first touchdown.

With the kickoff from the Ribsmashers to the Blitzers came a severe weather change. A wave of sweltering heat rushed in, causing significant problems for the second half.

Second Half:

For the Ribsmashers, two lineman, one Black Orc and one blitzer had to be sidelined for a drive due to the heat effect.

For the Blitzers, 1 werewolf, 1 golem, and 1 zombie were on the sidelines because their necromantic master was too heat fatigued to control the whole team.

Turn 1: Volni Headpuncher (R) got a casualty on Half of Henry (B). Henry regenerated, but he had to stay out the rest of the drive.

Turn 6: Grog Bolchukker (R) got a casualty on Oozeghast the Cadaverous (B), causing a fractured arm. Oozeghast will have to miss the next game.

Turn 7: Volni Headpuncher (R) scored the second and last touchdown of the game.

From the sweltering heat of the Wurlds...ah...World's Edge Mountains, this is Johan the Mad reporting.


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