May 24th, 2009: 3 Barrels of Ale at Khorne's Bloody Ragers

I was at this game with 20,000 Blood Bowl fans who were anxiously awaiting the introduction of the Goblin team at the Rager's stadium. This game was no disappointment, taking us even into overtime.

First Half:

The Goblins blitzed on the very first kickoff and Aler Bram the Bombardier (A) tried to throw a bomb into a Rager group. Unfortunately for the Goblin team, the bomb was intercepted and thrown back on their side of the field by Bestigor Gruff (R), where it didn't hurt anyone.

Turn 2: Goobeez (A) scores the first touchdown against a Rager team who seemed to be ignoring the ball!

Turn 5: Murtaugh Ironfist (R) got a casualty on Dobber (A). Dobber sprained his ankle, and had to miss the next game. He also now seems to walk with a limp. Dobber had the ball, so it bounced around the field before being picked up by a Rager.

Also on turn 5, Wargor Wolf (R) tried to block the troll Gob Gob Eat (A) and got hurt, giving Eat a casualty. Luckily for the Ragers, Wolf only had to miss the rest of the game and will have no long term effects.

Turn 8: Blud the Merciless (R) scored a touchdown to tie the game for the Ragers!

Also, troll Gob Gob Chuck (A) got a casualty on Bestigor Mukk (R). Mukk received a broken neck, causing him to miss the next game. The team apothcary isn't sure Mukk will be able to control his body quite as well when he's done healing.

Second Half:

Turn 2: Tanubm (A) scores the team's second touchdown!

The Ale team makes a bold moving next by kicking the ball straight to WarMaster Malus (R)!

Turn 6: WarMaster Malus scores a touchdown, again tying the game!

At the next kickoff, the crowd rioted! They couldn't be calmed down before the end of the half and the game had to go into overtime!

Overtime turn 6: Gor Rax scored the game winning touchdown for the Ragers!

From a crazy world of Beastmen and Goblins, this is Johan the Mad reporting.


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