July 15th, 2009: Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers at 3 Barrels of Ale

The weather was perfect for the 21,000 fans watching this game.

First Half:

Turn 4: Palok Powerpuncher (R) got a casualty on Ripper (A's inducement) killing the Star Player Troll! The troll's personal apothecary, along with his regeneration ability, was able to bring him back, but he was out the rest of the game.

Turn 5: Tanubm (A) scored a TD!

Turn 6: Bziong the Pogoer (A) scored a TD!

Also: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Marin Mansmasher (R).

Turn 8: Dozeks (A) threw a completion to Tanubm (A).

Second Half:

Turn 1: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Volni Headpuncher (R).

Turn 5: Nazguul Pipstomper (R) got a casualty on Dobber (A). The goblin was badly hurt but will suffer no long term effect.

Turn 8: Rolok Horsemauler (R) scored a TD!

Also: Tok (A) threw a completion to Tanubm (A).


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