Outside Realism

In my WFRP 1e game I have a player with two knife-throwing characters. His goal is to have the two characters across the room from each other, throwing knives at the enemy in between, and catching to re-throw the knives that don't hit. I think he could tell I wasn't immediately sold on the idea.

My friend knows more about weapons than I do, albeit mostly modern-day ones. He was excited about the idea, but I didn't think it would work. It seems to me that you need to throw a knife differently if you want to hurt someone than you would throw it if you were expecting someone to catch it. We play fantasy games, but we like to have some realism involved.

Anyway, I've decided to look past the lack of verisimilitude. We are here to have fun. What he wants to do sounds cool to him. It's not going to break our game. What the heck, let his characters form a blade barrier and let's all enjoy the game!

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