Mini Review: The Manor Issue 3

The Manor is a labor of love OSR 'zine put out by Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor.

Mine of Rot & Disease - A short undead-centered poisoned water supply adventure. I could see running this at a convention. Simple and a good set up for old friends getting together to game and socialize. Oddly, it gives an introduction to a Townsfolk section, but then never lists the townsfolk.

Pog Nog's Cart - An NPC goblin who sells supplies from a cart. I want to start using Pog Nog in my games immediately.

Adzeer: God of the Monster Hunt - A specialty ranger/cleric class for Blood & Treasure RPG. I am not familiar with the RPG. However, I think I would design the class a bit differently from what I see. Either way, it could be fun.

Now to see if I can submit something to the Rusty Battle Axe Poetry Slam section of the 'zine....


Jeff Hoff said…
Just as an FYI, Blood & Treasure is a 2nd Ed retro-clone by John Slater. Personally I don't know much about it as I have the 2nd Ed rules and don't see a justification for buying a retro copy of them. Just my 2 cents on the matter. From the reviews I've read it's supposed to be a good rehash.
Roger said…
Nice. I have the 2e rules as well, so I don't see myself using Blood & Treasure, either.
Tim Shorts said…
Thanks for taking the time to do a mini review. Mine of Rot & Disease was created for con play and I ran it at two cons. Again, thank you.

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