[D&D 2e] Character Profile: Kryphon

Kryphon Felix Drexle is a half elf rogue, built using the Bounty Hunter kit. He has a half elf brother, Kerun, with whom he adventures. Their backstory is as follows;

Our father was a sylvan elf who met our mother in a glade during a full moon. He was intoxicated with wine due to a revelry he clan partook in that night. In the moonlight, our mother was a comely enough sight for our father, and they had a tryst. Afterward he left, leaving our mother pregnant. She took up the mistletoe she had been collecting for a druid friend and returned to her home.
Our mother was a poor servant of a middle class household and was sickly quite often. Since she only worked for a middle class house, she didn't live with them but returned to her own hovel daily. 
When we were 20, she died, leaving us with practically nothing and no one. I turned to hunting out food from people I figured had more than enough, and you started going around trying to find a job as an armsman, watchman, house guard, militia, or any hiring a strong arm. You wanted to make money using a sword, but no one seemed to want to hire you, possibly because you were a half elf, possibly because you looked like a pauper, or possibly because you didn't even have your own sword. Even when you did find a job, we had to keep moving from town to town because I was new at the thieving gig and kept getting caught.
I wanted you to have your own sword, so you might get a position you wanted at some town, city, or village.  I finally found the shiny claymore you had always wanted but got caught stealing it...however, not before running out of town with it and with you.
The next town we got to, I decided that I couldn't keep living the way we had been living, and I needed some help. I needed some employment and a better income. I wasn't sure who would need my services, so I asked around clandestinely and found the local thieves guild. When I joined, they had need of a bounty hunter. I've been hunting people ever since.

Age: 25 Weight: 150 Height: 5'6" Sex: M Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Level: 5

Str 15 Stamina 14 Muscle 16
Dex 18 Aim 18 Balance 18
Con 11 Health 11 Fitness 11
Int 17 Knowledge 19 Reason 15
Wis 10 Intuition 10 Willpower 10
Cha 12 Leadership 12 Appearance 12

Weapon: Sabre, Short bow, Dagger+2/+3 vs large

Armor: None

Gear: Thieves Tools (Lockpicks, sm. metal mirror), Skullcap (black silk, non-sheer), Belt pounches (2), Chalk, Quiver, Pitons (2), Caltrops (1 bag, 2 lbs), Hooded travel cloak with 5 inner pouches

Backpack: Small sack, small hammer, hooded cloak, cloth (common, 10 square yards), candles (9), flint and steel, grappling hook, pitons (8)

Miscellaneous Items:  Mini blade, healing potions, brass lantern ring with Harper symbol, potion - control undead (wight), Denora's ring (invisible to undead), boots of elvenkind.

Wealth: 306 gp, 58 sp, 13 cp stashed under a loose floorboard in bunkhouse

Optional(Skills & Powers)
Racial Abilities: Infravision 60', Sword Bonus, Bow Bonus, Detect Secret Doors, Weapon Specialization, Immune to Sleep & Charm
Traits: Altertness
Disadvantages: None
Class Abilities: Backstab, Climb Walls, Detect Magic, Find/Remove Traps, Hide in Shadows, Move Silently, Pick Locks, Pick Pockets.
Kit abilities: None
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Tracking, Appraising, Information Gathering, Observation, Carpentry
Weapon Proficiencies: Sabre, Short bow

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