Contemplating the Caller, Mapper, and a Timekeeper

Today the topic of timekeeping came up: 
Timekeeping is essential, without it things like spell durations, light sources, and so on become much less important than otherwise. I WANT TO KEEP TRACK OF TIME. But damn if it isn't hard as hell. Especially when the DM has so much other stuff to worry about.
With the question:
If you were redesigning the core chassis, what could you do to make timekeeping easier?
My reply:

The players have a caller, a mapper, and a timekeeper. In other words, recruit the players to help.

I've been giving this a little thought lately, because I think I'm about to return to using a caller. All these roles serve to help the GM.

Mapper: As a GM, I draw the room/corridor/whatever on the party map and hand the party map to the players. The mapper could be in charge of labeling, asking for clarification, searching the map for possible secret rooms, etc.

Caller: Players like to all blurt out different things they want to do, often all at once and in a conflicting manner. I usually have to ask for clarification, and they often change their minds when they hear what the others want to do. The caller could help cull and organize all that noise and present it to the GM as official "this is what we do." It would save me a lot of time clarifying and asking "are you sure?" etc.

Timekeeper: The timekeeper could work with the GM, keeping track of the PC's resources. "It has been X hours, we need to light another torch/refill the lantern with oil." They could also work with the GM, "We've done thus and we've done such. How much time do you think has passed?" This could jog the GM's memory that we have some timed events we are keeping track of too that might come to pass, expire, etc.

It also gives those bored players something else to do to keep them engaged. "You can't play Angry Birds in your downtime, you're the timekeeper!"

What do you think? What do you do?

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