[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 37

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Vampire Hunter
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer
Durak Braksson - Dwarf

Tegort - Ogre bodyguard
Sir Ortolf Eiche ("Ike") - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind
Abelhardt Mullberger - Journeyman Apprentice
Oswin Pellensteiner - Conscripted Boatman

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Maximillian defused the tense situation in the bar by being forthright and friendly with the priest of Sigmar. Udrin also remained calm and as non-threatening as he could manage. In the end, the priest asked Udrin to translate for their captured "elf wizard."

Everyone in the party went with Udrin, but nobody could understand the conversation. The two were speaking a dialect of Elvish. The party watched as the conversation ended with light flashing out of Udrin's eyes and into the elf prisoner, who was thrown back against his cage. Udrin told the rest of us that the elf was searching for victims and that he would be no further trouble to the town.

*Meta:* The dark elf captive activated some sort of magical alert that told others our location.

After the captive elf was questioned, the Sigmarite priest was more congenial to the party. On the return to the inn, Maximillian told the priest all about his friend Magnus, his devoutness, and his wisdom.

Maximillian also asked about the witch they were to burn. When did they find her? How did they know she was a witch? What was she doing in the house previously occupied by a local hedge wizard before he, too, was burned? Did they find anything of interest while searching the house? Why didn't they search the house for more clues? The priest had few answers and brushed the line of questioning off.

In the morning, the party watched the witch burning. Her last words were directed at the party, stating "My sister doesn't forget." She was obviously related to the witch in Ubersreik who had been following the party since Maximillian killed her pet daemon.

The remainder of the day was spent sailing the last leg of the party's river trip, from Eldagsen to Suderberg. Along the way, Maximillian shared his genius plan to remove the bilge from the boat: point the drains into the river and open up the bilge to use for more merchandise storage. Oswin also argued that any leaks drain to the bilge, but Maximillian suggested just getting rid of all leaks. Nobody wants a leaking boat.

At Suderberg, Maximillian headed to an inn to find a decent room. He and Durak noticed Mullberger hastily renting a room and then helping the weak Magister to it. The Magister seemed much weaker than he was previously, and the two thought they should point this out to Udrin. Maximillian was pretty sure that wizards had spells they could use to help such problems.

Udrin was above deck on the boat, washing his hands when they found him. The elf looked around, saw only party members about, and confided he had just found warpdust in Ike's room aboard the boat.


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