WFRP Dwimmermount Premise

Dwimmermount is located in a long-forgotten area of the Warhammer world. For all that, however, its name and reputation is known. For hundreds—maybe thousands—of years, Dwimmermount served as a fortress for a succession of empires. It fell two centuries ago, when a rebel uprising culminated in a mysterious cataclysm that sealed the dungeon off from the outside world.

When rumors trickled back to the Empire that the magically-sealed gates of Dwimmermount were now open, the Emperor wasted no time authorizing an expedition. It is understood that the dungeon contains riches, but more importantly it contains information about the Old Ones...and possibly the creation of the races.

Many ships full of supplies and crew set forth from the Sea of Claws to Lustria's Mangrove Coast. Those who were only good for, or interested only in, sailing remained on the coast creating a small settlement to watch over the ships. Hundreds more struck west, with nothing to look forward to but weeks of toiling through inimical jungle.

At length they came across the ruins of Oyxl. The pyramids were of great interest to the explorers, however from Oyxl they could see in the distance the Spine of Sotek. There in the mountain range was their ultimate goal. Promising to visit Oyxl later, the expedition leaders continued west.

Many days later, they hit the final obstacle: a river cascading down from the mountain. The expedition was able to build some make shift rafts and cross to the foot of Dwimmermount.

There, between the river and the mountain, the expedition set up base camp. Lots were cleared and temporary wooden shelters built. Foresters were sent back toward the ships to blaze the final trail between the coast and the mountain.

The base of Dwimmermount now has a small, semi-permanent town providing for all the supplies needed by the explorers of the mountain. Ships sail back and forth between Lustria and the Empire, bringing new supplies and new recruits.

These preparations have cost people dearly, and they are very anxious to send teams of investigators and archaeologists into Dwimmermount. However, first they must send in the mercenaries to make sure the place is safe for academic exploration.

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