[WFRP 2e] Maximillian Interlude 4

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Vampire Hunter
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer
Durak Braksson - Dwarf

Tegort - Ogre bodyguard
Sir Ortolf Eiche ("Ike") - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind
Abelhardt Mullberger - Journeyman Apprentice
Oswin Pellensteiner - Conscripted Boatman

(Previous update)

(I was on vacation for sitting 36, but essentially Maximillian cleaned out the bilge, the crew got the ship riverworthy again, and we sailed upriver to Eldagsberg. There we had to stop because there was to be a witch burning in the morning.)

The night in Eldagsen's one traveller's inn proves to be very interesting for each of you.

The vodka, weak, pours cheaply and freely. Most staying in the inn are here to see the witch burn in the morning, it is the casual and oft raised to another minion of the Ruinous Powers brought to heel, by Sigmar's hand and hammer.

Udrin is getting curious looks. Whether the staff, wrapped and bound in leather, or the elven clothes and colors of wizardry that get frowns or stares turned away quickly on being noticed.

As tongues loosen Ludovic and Durak are finally held at the bar by stern gaze and the keeps large hands that do not release mugs paid for.

"The elf wizard is disturbing the guests. Tomorrow, they burn an Elf wizard with the witch. Caught him trying to steal a mule from Ott's." The keep releases the mugs. Maximillian can see his mug pressed forward with the others by the keep, but the clatter of chains outside catches his ears, denying his thrist.

The inn's door opens and a tall Sigmar priest fills the door and surveys the tavern. The silence finally falls in the tavern. A watchmen pushes past the priest. Dressed in clothes that have seen better days, yet pass for probably better clothes than many in the inn have seen in a long time walks slowly toward the bar. Keys and a heavy set of manacles rattle in the quiet tavern as each heavy foot lands.

Maximillian hops off the barstool and heads toward the priest, very glad to see him. "Are you the one purging the soul of the chaos worshipper in the morning? It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance, honored...?"

Maximillian bows to the gentlemen.

Udrin does not find being in the tavern to be enjoyable. The drinks are unpleasant and the company more so. He rises and seeks to return to the barge. 

Ludovic regards Udrin's departure with a shrug and begins moving about the room trying to lighten the mood and improve town/Bianca relations. Don't want them thinking bad of us because of an elf.

Durok continues to drink down the weak ale, remaining quiet, letting his eyes wander the room looking for other examples of dwarf crafted items.

After another hour or so he pushes back from the table, announcing "Well fellows, I am off to bed for the evening."

He retires to the dorm room, once again taking the time to look for signs of other dwarf craft items.

Durak passes the tall, broad shouldered, Sigmar priest, receiving only the briefest look on a stern visage that is scanning the room. Passing the priest, a curious relief, carved in heavy, old forest wood, catches Durak's attention. The relief is the newly minted icon of the Clan Kargin in Helmgart. Runes can be read on either side of the relief.

Durak is distracted by Maximillian's gleeful greeting of the priest as it carries over the quiet common room, only just returning to normal.

The priest looks down at the bowing Maximillan, regarding him with a stare. "Kleinerman, greetings to you as...," the priest abruptly stops, snapping his attention to Udrin as he stands to leave. The watch "captain" pounds his mug, splashing the contents over his hand and forearm, on the heavy wood of the dwarven bar. The room falls quiet again.

Ludovic, his back turned to the bar and talking to two barmaids, is startled by the pounding mug. The two girls look over his shoulder, wide eyed for a moment, the color draining from their faces and turn to the customers at tables immediately at hand to look busy.

Udrin is uncomfortable, and fears that the a mob may form. However, he gives the appearance of paying the humans no mind. He leaves coins on the table to pay for his fare, then turns to depart.

On nearing the priest, he gives a curt would nod, and in formal Altdorf Reikspiel says, "Good evening to you, Most Honorable Reverend of the Blessed Lord Sigmar." He then makes as if to depart. 

Maximillian presses the priest. "Sir? You were introducing yourself and about to tell me about the witch, before you were interrupted?"


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