[WFRP] Wild Dwarf

Wild Dwarves rule the sprawling forests of the South Lands. They make their homes in the woods and any caves found therein. Unlike their northern relatives, they do not mine fortresses underground.

Wild Dwarves are adept at swinging through trees and hiding in underbrush. They use pits, snares, deadfalls, and other traps to defend their homes. 

Wild Dwarves wear carved bone earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for adornment, reserving mined metal only for use in weapons and tool-making or barter.

Wild Dwarves eat fruits, berries, roots, leaves, and tree saps, plus all manner of insects, worms, birds, reptiles, and animals. They consider most snakes a delicacy, and make honey meads in earthenware jugs.

M 3 WS 41 BS 25 S 3 T 4 W 7 I 28 A 1 Dex 41 Ld 66 Int 29 Cl 66 WP 66 Fel 24

Size: M (4' tall)

Physique: Wild dwarves are short, stout, and dark-skinned.They cover their bodies with tattoos and grease, which keeps off the insects and also makes them difficult to grasp. They only wear their long, woven hair, which they plaster with mud into crude armor when going to war.

Alignment: Neutral

Psychological Traits: Wild dwarves are distrustful of intruders, and will avoid confrontation unless attacked or provoked.  They hate all sentient snake races, and are subject to animosity toward dragon-kin.

Special Rules: Wild dwarves are armed with blowguns and can fire 2 darts per round. Each dwarf carries d10+6 barbed darts that inflict 1W. The darts are coated with sleep-inducing snake venom (test vs T or be drowsy for 2 rounds, then fall asleep for d4+1 rounds). They are immune to the effects of their poison.  

Centuries battling poison snakes have given them a natural resistance to natural poisons and venoms. They get a +10 to T tests against such.

Skills:  Acrobatics, Acute hearing, Concealment Rural, Excellent Vision, Fleet Footed, Follow Trail, Game Hunting, Identify Plant, Immunity to Disease, Immunity to Poison, Night Vision, Orientation, Scale Sheer Surface, Set Trap, Shadowing, Silent Move Rural, Specialist Weapon - Blowpipe

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