Mini-Review: Epic Death

I had a chance to try out Epic Death recently. The game essentially has two parts, the first part of the game where you try to kill monsters and gain loot, and the second part of the game where you try to get your characters killed. Points earned for killed monsters and loot in the first part don't count unless you are able to kill your characters in the second part.

There was a bit of a learning curve with the game. You can use cards to help or hinder your opponents in their fights. Usually you want to help them lose if they are trying to win and help they win if they are trying to lose. You help by adding or subtracting dice from their dice pool.

You can also mark their characters for death when they are trying to win or mark them for a return to life if they are already dead. Wanting your characters dead at the end flips things around. The negatives and double negatives can really stack up and confuse a tired mind. Play with plenty of rest/caffeine!

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