Weekly Roundup 2

Now that summer break is here and my schedule is less hectic, I'd like to start a new weekly post...a round-up, if you will, of different interesting things I have read through the week. I hope you find these enjoyable...and helpful as well.


PortCon Maine 2014 (Anime/Gaming Convention)

It doesn't look like I'll be running anything (again) this year, unless we grab a table and start a pickup game...which I'm usually up for.  Here's a list of scheduled events. Unfortunately they are not separated into categories, so I'm not sure yet what will be offered for games.


Little Blue Squares by James Maliszewski (Article)

I don’t recall what my own first dungeon map looked like. I’m pretty sure it was strongly “inspired” (to put it charitably) by the map in my rulebook. Whatever it looked like, it no longer exists, much like most of the many maps I made in those days – and I made a lot of maps. Oftentimes, it seemed as if that’s all I ever did. Once I got home from school, I’d race through my homework and then I’d head up to my room where I’d tear off another sheet of graph paper and, pencil in hand, begin mapping.


D&D Next Release Info

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the big news of the week: The D&D release info.  Here are my thoughts on the subject.

I'm 99% sure at this point that I'll at least buy the Starter Set.

I'm likely to buy the PHB as well.

It's possible I'll get DMG and MM, too.

It's probable they will sit on the shelf for years unused, rather like my 4e collection.




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