Mini-Review: Dungeon Dice

I was able to play Dungeon Dice for the first time the other weekend. In short, I'd consider it a dice-based version of Munchkin.

You pull dice out of a bag to get your starting equipment. Each turn, you pull and opponent out of a bag full of dice. You might get treasure, but you are more likely to pull a monster. You can decide to fight it alone, fight it with help, or run away. You decide who else at the table gets to help you, what weapons you are going to use against the monster, and how to divide the treasure. The other players decide whether to help or hinder you.

That does sound a lot like Munchkin.

In all, I wouldn't call it a quick palate-cleansing dice game, like Zombie Dice. It can be quite interesting, though, for imaginative folk who want to play a one-shot RPG but don't have enough time/materials for a pen-and-paper game.

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