Review: Frontier Skies

Frontier Skies is a 2-4 player game in which the players bid on upgrades to their airships. The game consists of 4 seasons, and there are three bids during each season. At the end of each season there are bonus points for the person with the fastest ship and the most weaponry. There is also a cargo hold level that increases as you upgrade your ship. The more cargo you can hold, the more crew and other useful items you can have on your ship.

With 3 players, the bidding mechanic didn't get in the way, which was good because at least 2/3 of us playing didn't like bidding games. Each of us when first in a seasonal bid, looking to upgrade our ship.

At the end of the game, there are more points awarded for the value of your ship, the most weaponry, the fastest ship, the ship build with only parts from the first and second season, and the ship build with all the same generation (color) parts.

It was a relatively fun play. My strategy would definitely change a second time through; I thought bidding on crew would help more than it did. It's a fun little game that can take up an hour of play. It would make a great palate-cleanser between complicated/frustrating games.


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