[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 31

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Agitator
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer

From Maximillian's journal:

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Maximilian was overwhelmed initially by the size of the city. Halflings seemed to have a certain amount of respect in the capital of the Empire. The barkers on every corner handed out flyers of every imaginable cause or doom. The scents of Halfling cooking seemed to come from every restaurant, tavern or hostel he passed. And magic seemed to be everywhere, or magic users at very least, and not the spiritual kind, but secular practitioners of the "Winds of Chaos"! Never had Maximilian seen so many openly wearing robes that identify them as being touched by Chaos itself! Where were the Templars of Sigmar? This out in the open practice or study made the honest Halfling barker appear crazy (and those screaming messages he was most sympathetic too looked the poorest and most crazed). But opportunity landed right in his grasp at the mention of Druchii in Bretonnia. Maximilian knew these elves and the Imperial Army needed barkers to muster new recruits.

Now, where was the garrison?

Maximillian grabbed the nearest military-looking passerby and asked where the garrison was. On his way there, he practiced a new spiel on the milling populace: "Evil elves attack in Brettonia! Loyal citizen are needed to bolster the ranks of our neighbors! You can't count on a Brettonian to protect your borders! Chaos is on its way here from the west! Sign up for the Imperial Infantry! This way! With me! Citizens will be duly compensated for their heroic deeds in these perilous times!"

With similar encouraging words, Maximillian led 45 people to the garrison to sign up for the army on his first day of barking. The next two days would not prove so lucrative, but he was paid 3 gold for his three day effort. 

On the third day, Maximillian spotted Ludovic heading toward the Three Toll Bridge. Eager for a change of scenery, he caught up with the human and followed him to the elf quarter where he was to meet with Udrin. First the two were reuinted with Harrond the elf. The elf suggested that his friend Farnoth was still alive, if captive on a druchii black ark.  Maximillian found these tidings notable, though he didn't know Farnoth or anything about black arks.

It was comforting to once again be reunited with Ludovic and Udrin. It can be overwhelming for a halfling in Altdorf with no acquaintances. Udrin had serious tidings to tell the rest of the party. Maximillian was confused about much of the tale, but was led to understand that a fight against chaos for the survival of the very world was imminent.   

(What follows is a rare translation of a journal by High Elves once thought to have built great cities in the Old World and crafted magnificent machines and weaved powerful rituals to understand the heavens. The journal may impart some wisdom to Astromancers studying the heavens and mastering Azyr.

The journal is thought to have been written by Geslaer Lightwing, a peer to the greatest elven magisters studying the Heavens. It also provides an often interesting perspective of dwarven craftsmen that worked closely with High Elven kind before the War of the Beard.)

Our journey across the northern plains from the cliffs was not without significant peril. Avfin Oldtower perished on the cliffs on the instant the ritual imploded around the armillary connecting us briefly to the space between the worlds.

The cliff was barely the width of our soles. Avfin pitched forward in shock and into the crashing surf far below. Torhir and Aelfisa say he did not scream; I meditated on this claim on the journey to the tower and temple. Know this: Avfin was dead materializing on the cliff face.

There are a few collected communities of primitives in this land on the plains. They are worshiping daemons and gods alike. I was able to trade a tribe in the foothills of the mountains west of the tower for crude inks and papers. Thesemenschen worship a god that could well be an aspect of Hoeth. The elders of the tribe record everything in an unintelligible script that seems to mock the spoken words.

Maximillian asked about Hoeth and was told he was the elven god of knowledge. From this he was led to understand that the journal spoke of early human followers of Verena, the human Goddess of Knowledge, Science, Law and Justice.

The group was somewhat at a loss where to go from here, when Ludovic regaled them with a tale of a place he had just heard of. Suderberg was said to house Dark Dwarves, as well as ancient barrows. The dwarven term for the place was "Grimdol Und," or Artefact Keep, and it was located to the north of Altdorf.

(Italics indicates prose written by the GM rather than me, the player.)

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