[WFRP] Carrying Other Characters

Someone on Google+ did the math and figured out that an average Warhammer 1e character shouldn't be able to carry another character out of harm's way, using the encumbrance rules as written.

Let's consider someone with Movement (M) 4 Strength (S) 3 Toughness (T) 3. According to the book (p.75 HH ed.), he weighs S+Tx100=600 encumbrance (enc). He can carry Tx100=300 enc before he becomes encumbered. [When he goes over his encumbrance limit, he loses 1 point of M. He loses another point for every 50 points on top of that.] 301-350 enc brings him to M3. 351-400 enc to M2, and 401-450 enc at M1 Therefore he is 150 enc points of 'capacity' short of being able to carry an equivalent wounded comrade.

I think it's realistic that you couldn't carry your buddy very far without needing to rest. Other options would be dragging, a horse, and/or a travois.  However, I would allow a player to 'fireman' carry another player off a battlefield. But I'd measure the distance they could go in yards and not miles.

Carrying someone for long distances would have other considerations. Were you wearing armor? You should probably take it off (and carry it how?). How encumbered were you before carrying your friend? Did you just leave your other stuff behind, or do you have that as well? Is the terrain flat or wavy/steep? I don't think most of us are made for carrying others very far.

As a player, I don't remember ever carrying a party member out of a battle site. We just leave them where they are and fight around them, I guess. Maybe we were callous. 


Stu Rat said…
Why increase the distance you have to go to loot their bodies? You're probably tired after all that fighting.
Roger said…
Indeed. And there weren't many creatures (trolls) that would stop to feed instead of continuing to fight someone else.

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