The Dungeon Dozen Book is Now Available!

What to do with the new Dungeon Dozen book?

1. Order the gastropod servant to stock it in the back, the far back, of the library.
2. Bury it in a time capsule with a Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black CDs to prove to future people what was really popular in the early 2000s.
3. Bludgeon the Dungeon Overlord and take his stuff.
4. Plant it on the body of the dead ogre.
5. Swap it out with the Liche's spellbook and watch hilarity ensue.
6. Eschew sleep and read it cover to cover in one night.
7. Get a job as a university professor and use it as a textbook.
8. Color all the pictures with crayons.
9. Breathe new life into stagnating campaigns.
10. Become a Sholtis fanboy, camp outside his house with a high-powered zoom camera, and go to conventions asking him to sign copies of prints of him retrieving his newspaper in his bathrobe.
11. Taunt your FLGS owner with the new gaming purchase you got online.
12. Give it away and buy another one.

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