[WFRP] Warhammer Begins Sunday

Events have aligned recently to make a bi-weekly game possible at my house. I haven't played in a regular game at the table for quite a few years now. It has me really excited.

This summer I was able to get a couple sittings together to try out some scenarios/adventures I had wanted to run for a while now. These adventure could potentially be convention games, and I wanted some practice. First we played Crossing the Border, and then we played The Eagle's Eyrie. Both times, some of the players mentioned they could do this regularly.

I'm going to go with published adventures, since school will take up most of my free time. I'm going to start out with The Oldenhaller Contract from WFRP 1e. Then some overland adventure. Then hand-wave Crossing the Border since this group has already played it. Then we will embark on the Doomstone Campaign (assuming we last this long)!

Here are some notes for The Oldenhaller Contract:
  • The first hour Sunday will be group character creation.
  • Since half the players have been through it (yet so long ago that they claim no remembrance) I have spiced it up a bit...with Skaven.
  • I only hint about them until the end. The dead bodies the party first encounters? Killed by Skaven. The rats in the sewer? Controlled by Skaven. The chaos cultists at the end? Skaven instead of human.
  • I'm not going to go too overboard with the Skaven this time. I'm setting up for the Doomstones, which is mostly orcs and dwarves.


DOHTIG said…
That is awesome. I miss having a regular game to sit down at.

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