Random Wizard's 10 Questions

It's never too late to get in on a meme, right? Right? Apparently Random Wizard posted these 10 questions that everyone's been answering. I read enough answers, let my answers percolate long enough, and figured I'd take a crack at answering them, too.

(1). Race (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling) as a class? Yes or no?

As much as I like the original Red Box, I'm going to have to say no. Every once in a while you want to play a dwarf but not a fighter. Very few probably want to play Halfling fighters. I say let the players mix and match as long as the result makes sense in the setting you're running.

(2). Do demi-humans have souls?

I'd say they kind of need to for equality in the clerical/spiritual aspect of D&D. Any spell that targets a "soul" would need to work equally for all races. Also, in regards to death and dying, demi-humans have deities, so they should have souls.

(3). Ascending or descending armor class?

Descending. I was raised on it and never had a problem with it. I don't see the need to change it.

(4). Demi-human level limits?

Nah. First of all, I've never had a demi-human get that high a level when starting from scratch. And if you're going to start at a high level...who cares? I've never seen it as a game breaker.

(5). Should thief be a class?

Absolutely. It might even be the best class, as most adventurers are really thieves anyway.

(6). Do characters get non-weapon skills?

In a sense. I like my characters to have a career. Something they did before adventuring. It makes sense that if you have been trained for a career, then you will have some skills. Now spending character points or slots for those skills, that's another question.

(7). Are magic-users more powerful than fighters (and, if yes, what level do they take the lead)?

Yes, magic users become more powerful than fighters. They can do mass amounts of damage to mass amounts of creatures. I'm not sure at what point. Probably somewhere around the time they can cast Fireball.

(8). Do you use alignment languages?

I can honestly say I have never used that language.

(9). XP for gold, or XP for objectives (thieves disarming traps, etc…)?

Yes. I try to follow the XP awards from the 2e DMG (pg 46-48), including the optional individual awards.

(10). Which is the best edition; ODD, Holmes, Moldvay, Mentzer, Rules Cyclopedia, 1E ADD, 2E ADD, 3E ADD, 4E ADD, Next ?

I think the best is 2E, but only because I have so many fond memories filled with years of adventures.

Bonus Question: Unified XP level tables or individual XP level tables for each class?

I have absolutely no problem with individual XP tables. 


SpookyOne said…
Agreed with everything you answered.

I'm a 2e hold out. I made a blog about it that includes updated house rules, plus information and antics from earlier BASIC RULES campaigns where we used the red box set.

Here's a link:


Keep up the good work !
Roger said…
Glad you're also enjoying second edition. Thanks for sharing your site!

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