[A&A] The Last Candle Review

The Last Candle is an OSR-compatible introductory module for low level characters. Much like the Keep on the Borderlands, this module provides an urban setting set around a priory (The Last Candle) and a nearby dungeon setting (The Eagle's Eyrie). This module is a step up from the classic Keep, however, because it offers numerous adventure opportunities in the surrounding lands.

There are five plot hooks set in the priory allowing for multiple different adventures. There are 20 wilderness encounters detailed for the surrounding areas. There are 11 areas of interest, further detailing the surrounding areas. Finally, the Eagle's Eyrie dungeon has 64 keyed rooms. The combinations of encounters, areas, and adventure opportunities should be more than enough for any group to adventure even past the 1-3 character levels listed on the front cover. Your group should get a lot of miles out of this product for only $4.

A bit more from the product description:
The Prieuré de Chaurillon lies isolated in the upper valley of the Satrebonne river. The empire that once protected it has fallen. Barbarian hordes now roam the land. Once tamed borderlands have become infested with monsters and foul beasts. The monks of the Prieuré are all that remain of their ancient order. They stand alone against the darkness of the age; The Last Candle of their faith.
This module provides the Dungeon Master with everything they need to build an entire campaign in the Satrebonne valley; a full-color campaign map of the entire region, wilderness encounters, struggling towns that could benefit from player protection, locations of interest to explore, a fully-detailed priory compound protected by a palisade, descriptions of prominent NPCs, plot hooks to draw the players into the world, unique items to add to your game, a complete dungeon complex to explore, and guidance on how to weave it all together.
All content is OSR compatible.

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