[WFRP] Meet Acquisitions Unlimited!

On the first night of character creation and adventure, my group came up with a party name and logo:

The characters, what they may have learned, and what kind of traveling companion may help them:

Ryan the Entertainer - Knife Thrower
The Oldenhaller Contract adventure may have shown him that it is harder to hit moving targets than it is to hit the kinds of targets he is used to in his performances. His ballistic skill is not bad, but he may profit from a follower who can help him practice. Possibly someone who could also catch (Dex) and throw (BS) his knives elsewhere in a fight.
Ex. Entertainer - Knife Thrower, Rat Catcher, Trapper

Meliot Took, Halfling Hypnotist (no relation to Pippin)
Meliot's first adventure likely showed her that it is difficult to hypnotize someone who is in the midst of battle. It would be much easier to hypnotize a captive. She may profit from a follower who specializes in capturing people unawares, to be saved for later questioning.
Ex. Bounty Hunter, Footpad, Outlaw, Rustler, Trapper

Revoltac, Dwarf Soldier
The dwarf may have learned that it is rough being the party's only warrior. Then again, maybe she loved it. If not, she may want another warrior (WS/Armor) as a follower who can serve as a fellow meat-shield for the party's halflings and ranged attackers. If the warrior was a Squire, then they could also be tasked with keeping her stuff in good working order.
Ex. Bodyguard, Mercenary, Militiaman, Outlaw, Pit Fighter, Soldier, Squire, Tunnel Fighter, Watchman

Professor Bartholomew Brambleburr II, Halfling Tomb Robber
The professor probably learned that fighting is best left for the big folk. Or the armored folk. Or the dodgy folk. Or for those that fight from afar. Or from those that fight from the shadows. He may benefit from a larger, armored guard who is willing to interpose himself between Brambleburr and oncoming danger.
Ex. Bodyguard, Mercenary, Servant

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