Day 1: Getting Started

How I got started in D&D:

I remember my cousins, who lived practically next door, had the AD&D book, but I didn't really get into it at first. Instead, I visited a friend's house and he had the Mentzer Basic red box. I managed to borrow that and never return it.

This edition will always hold a special place in my heart as the place I entered the hobby. I followed up with the Expert, Companion, and Immortal boxes. Somehow I never found the Master box. 

I ran my cousin through many published adventures from this era. He played one race, and I GMPC'd one character from all the other options. I don't know how much fun he had, but I had a blast.

Good memories.


Timothy Brannan said…
THat is very cool. Is that a picture of your actual Basic set?
Roger said…
No. I googled that. I only have the two books from inside these days.

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