[D&D 5e] Storm King's Thunder 2

Quarion - Half Elf Warlock (me)
Gorthran - Dwarf Tempest Cleric
Eldreth - Dwarf Fighter
Dar - Human Ranger
Seville - Half Orc Barbarian

(Previous Notes)

Kella had charged us with clearing the goblins out of her town, and then helping the townsfolk return. To clear the goblin menace, we went door to door around town. The Half Orc took this opportunity to raid essentially the entire town.

We found goblins in the garden of a home. We fought goblins in a hayloft. We found goblins with pumpkins on their heads running around near the town's inner moat. That fight went particularly bad, as we had advantage and still both managed to miss striking a goblin. Later that night, the rest of the goblins ambushed us, tired of getting picked off two at a time.

At that time the goblin leader, a hobgoblin? attacked us as well.

We needed a lot of healing, and we used up a lot of spells. That led to a lot of resting, and one of the new playing renaming the game "Dungeons and Dreaming."

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