[D&D 5e] Storm King's Thunder 3

Quarion - Half Elf Warlock (me)
Gorthran - Dwarf Tempest Cleric
Eldreth - Dwarf Fighter
Dar - Human Ranger
Seville - Half Orc Barbarian

(Previous Notes)

There was only 1 place left we hadn't explored in the Village of Nightstone.

The stronger members of the party leaped the broken bridge leading to the village's keep. From there, they set up some ropes my Warlock could use to cross. From the other side, we heard voices coming from inside the keep.

Quarion decided to use his charisma to gain entrance into the building. The nervous, leaderless guardsmen on the other side let us in with little argument.

They told a story that 3 days ago, a castle in the sky flew over the village, dropping all the boulders we had found. Huge cloud giants came down from the castle, stole Nightstone's large village altar, and returned to the castle. Then they flew off.

The lady of the castle, also head of the guard, was killed by a fallen boulder. The village was leaderless. There was no heir, either. That meant we could search the castle for items that might help us in our task!

In the lady's bedroom, a sword animated off the wall and attacked Quarion and Seville. In the end, we had to shatter it to stop the weapon.

Setback #2 happened when we told the guards about Kella, who tasked us with clearing the goblins out of town. The guards stated the village had no resident named Kella.

Finally, bandits rode up to the village, demanding entrance and our surrender. We were able to raise the town's drawbridge before they arrived, but Kella let the drawbridge down while we were distracted! She was with the bandits, and they all attacked!

We were able to fight the group off, taking some damaging hits in the process. In the end, we all survived, and we gained a few horses out of the ordeal. We used the mounts to follow the trail of the villagers out of town. When we got there, we found the caves...and little else.

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