[WFRP 2e] Relics of Nehekara 2

Erik Holt - Human Tomb Robber

My companions
Lunn - Dwarf Gaoler
Bungo - Halfling Grave Robber
Fyodor - Human Badlander
Pappy - NPC Human Beggar
Ekhardt - NPC Mercenary
Felix - NPC Mercenary
Mr Cheesers - Lunn's pet rat

(Previous Notes)

Our party stopped and debated what to do about the two men following us toward Lauterberg. As we talked about it, then two men approached. "I am Ekhardt. This is Felix. We saw you in Padua. You're going to find the missing priest, no? We wish to join you."

It seemed the two were part of the original gang that had kidnapped the priest in the first place! Now they wished to restore their lost honor and help find the man. Our party wasn't one to judge, but we did ask who they had been working for when they kidnapped the priest. The man's name was Rudiger.

Our party was stopped at the gates of Lauterberg by an old man collecting tolls. Not being the trusting type, Bungo asked if the man was authorized to collect money at the gate or if he was just collecting it for himself...a task Bungo said he could himself perform at any gate he chose. Erik, a poor man with very few coin, joined the questioning: "Do you have proof you are authorized to collect our money at the gate?  I might just have to march right inside and report you!"

The old man felt the need to enter the gate house and bring out a lock box we could deposit our money into if we didn't feel comfortable giving it to him. Lunn got fed up with our questioning and dropped a shilling for each of us into the box. Right before Erik could suggest he needed to take the lock box inside and make sure it got to its rightful owner.

The old man gave us some tips before entering: The town is now called As-Sadari; do not pronounce it Ass-Sadari. No alcoholic beverages allowed. No thievery. Obey the rules and whatever you need can be purchased inside. The town's leader is Princess Zaria.

Erik turned back on the way in to ask the old man, "Have you seen any missing people?" The party shuffled Erik into town while the old man still had a confused look on his face.

Inside the town was a marketplace and two formidable men guarding a well. We were told a full waterskin would cost us 10 shillings. Erik, having little coin, asked around and found a way to buy it direct from a town inhabitant for only 5 shillings. This was after he also asked for a free sample to make sure it was worth spending coin on.

The leader of the town, Zaria, a short, heavily muscled woman, met us inside. She verified we had heard the rules of the settlement. Bungo listed them all back to her in the exact manner we heard them, including not calling the town Ass-Sadari. Zaria seemed concerned that our party would be traveling with two men she recognized as sell-swords. We eased her concerns by reporting we weren't paying the men. She gave us an odd look and rode away.

In the morning, we made it to the Avon in the north. We refilled our waterskins, and Pappy splashed around the river in his smallclothes. From the river, we could see into the valley of the mountains ahead, our ultimate goal, and a scene we recognized from our various dreams of riches. We walked north.

At the foot of the mountain we saw large columns set up around the mouth of a cave/entrance. There were ruins at the foot, with forms laid out as if dead. There were also dead greenskins. The surviving men had set up camp, and we saw a man matching Roderick's description tied to a pillar (making him the most unlucky priest ever). [1]

We separated our party into two smaller groups, with a few of us held back for reinforcement. The rest of us walked up to the men. The men recognized the two mercenaries with us, and told us to give up because we were traveling with cowards...and we were surrounded. At that point, a dwarf with a crossbow popped up from some scrub brush a little ways away. Erik was about to say, "I mean, one dwarf with a crossbow isn't exactly surrounded..."

We interrupted by Lunn's steely question, "Brother...why are you pointing a crossbow at me?"

Lunn's brother lowered the crossbow, and we attacked the bivouacked men. Erik screamed. Erik screamed hard. He wasn't used to hitting people with his hammer. The scream worked. The men went down quickly due to our overwhelming odds.

[1] An excerpt from our last campaign Renegade Princeps, sitting 10:
The party approached the tower through a gathering group of Sigmarite zealots. The zealots were unarmed, but Vaervenshyael remembered the hostility of the others on the road. She did not take her eyes off these uncivilized beasts as she approached. Doctor Johann spoke with the Sigmarites upon the approach, but Vaervenshyael paid little attention, until the Doctor said "What did this one do to deserve his punishment?"

Vaervenshyael turned to see what the Doctor was talking about. She saw the Verenean priest Roderic hanging outside the tower, tied to a post, sunburned, and mostly dead. The elf steeled her gaze, drew her sword, and boldly proclaimed, "this man is a citizen of Padua, and under the protection of the Princeps and his Master of the Horse. He is coming with me!" She then rode for the post to cut the priest down.

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