[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 4


Wilfried - Human Bawd
Gottlieb - Human Ranger
Larry - Human Bawd
Wilhelm - Human Trader
Talbberry - NPC Halfling Scribe (Player absent)

Just a small town scarecrow
Living in a lonely field
He took the midnight trail going anywhere

(Previous Session)

We limped back to town, with the Hunter, only recently unstunned, taking us on a few unexpected “short cuts.”

We threw the goblin heads on the table (still dripping goblin blood all over the place) and started raking in our rewards. We met a friend of Gottlieb’s from the city, Wilhelm.

Just a trader boy
Born and raised in South Altdorf
He took the midnight coach going anywhere

It was just then another mother came in stating her child had been taken from its cradle…in the garden…at night…in the rain. Wilhelm cast many aspersions against the mother’s parenting and the possibility she could have dispatched the child herself, but we were off to look for clues before our respite could continue.

Emmanuelle in a smoky room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile she will share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

A hat left at the scene led us to farmer Stefan’s house. Wilhelm accused the man or kidnapping, but the man said the hat had been on his scarecrow for quite a while now. Wilhelm accused the man of animating a demon scarecrow.

Townsfolk waiting
Up and down the muddy road
Their shadows searching in the night
Torches, people, living just to find the evil
Hiding somewhere in the night

Larry and some of the townsfolk were sent to check the scarecrow out. They found the kidnapped child, dead at the construct's feet. The scarecrow animated and used a rake-hand to rip out the lung of one of the farmers! Larry started to fight the thing off, screaming for backup. Wilhelm and the rest of the villagers took off to help. Wilfried stayed at Stefan’s hovel and locked himself in. The bawd was in no shape for fighting. He heard noise behind him, and turned to see the farmer’s wife. She looked like she was debating throwing her soup at him.

Working hard to keep my life
Nobody wants to die
Payin' anything for Ranald's dice
Just one more time

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to fling their soup
Oh, the journey never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

The party members set the creature on fire, and villagers chased the child-eating killer scarecrow as far as possible. The thing (dubbed "Stefan's Monster") dunked its head into a mud puddle to put out the fire, ran to the forest, and started leaping tree to tree as nimble as an elf. The party decided to follow in the morning.

Townsfolk waiting
Up and down the muddy road
Their shadows searching in the night
Torches, people, living just to find the evil
Hiding somewhere in the night

Things were more subdued back in the inn, but Wilfried managed to find an herbalist who had a little something to knock him out and accelerate his healing. Meanwhile, the other party members led the townsfolk in burning all the scarecrows still in the village.

Don't stop deceiving
Hold on to that scheming
Torches, people

Don't stop deceiving
Mob on...........

Torches, people............

Don't stop deceiving
Hold on to that scheming...........

Torches, people...........

In the morning, a most ingenious plan was hatched. The scarecrow was attracted to children. The party had a Halfling. Children liked sweets. The town had a piemaker. The enemy was a scarecrow. The town had a pitchfork Wilfried could borrow.

A trap was set in the woods. Gottlieb made hunting blinds to hide behind. Wilhelm set out a picnic, with very flammable material under and around a blanket. Talbberry the Halfling dressed as a child munching on pies on the blanket.

The scarecrow took the bait. Gottlieb and Wilhelm saw it coming. Talbberry took a swing at it with a dagger before tumbling off the trapped blanket. Wilhelm tried to throw a torch onto the blanket when the creature landed, but he got turned around facing the wrong way. Wilfried ran forward and impaled the creature with the pitchfork, holding it in place, while Gottlieb threw a torch onto the blanket. Wilfried held the scarecrow on the burning blanket as long as possible with the long pitchfork. It only took a couple rounds of fire before the creature burnt to a complete crisp…no signs left over.

Wilfried, facing away from the large fire, saw two goblins sneaking up on the party and cried out a warning to the others. The goblin shaman again called forth a fog, but Wilhelm and Gottlieb’s acute senses led them right to the melee…which Wilfried was most inadvertently in the midst of. Wilfried killed a lone (injured) goblin, while Gottlieb and Wilhelm took out the shaman.

The party returned to the town as heroes…again. To find Gaston had gone into a rage and nobody in the town could calm him down.

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